Two girls tasting shit

If you want to witness two babes turning scat, make sure you see the upcoming scenes. Two girls meet a strange man in the toilet who is attired like a clown. They start asking him whether he can provide them with intimate oral fuck. As expected, old clown accepts it and plunges his huge pecker deep into their throat. Girls were not aware that the guy was scat boy whose mind is full of dirty coprophilous ideas. As time passes, old clown persuades them to be involved in his scat activities. At the end, both girls ended up tasting his shit as he gave them nice face pooping. Now some scat fantasies develop in their mind as they start looking for new victim to demonstrate their first face shitting.

Title: Two girls tasting shit

Submited by: fecal man

Category: toilet

Added on: December 3rd, 2011

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