Party girls shitting all over the place

Oh my gosh… The more I learn about scat porn, the more I love it because my knowledge allows me to find damn kinky scenes – and they are getting only hotter and hotter with every single day! Take a look at this one, for instance – maybe it’s not the most hardcore out there but the cast in it totally rocks! Four Latin ladies dressed in revealing bikinis going down and dirty with each other on the floor… It would have been sizzling hot even if there was no scat sex in it. But yeah, there is some scat sex – a lot of it, to be precise.
Having warmed themselves up with a couple of golden showers, the girls get to the best part of their little party – the part they have been waiting for so impatiently. They start shitting all over the place and wolfing down their own and each other’s shit like it’s the tastiest thing on Earth! Well, it must be the tastiest thing on Earth after all as it’s coming from such wonderfully tempting asses. Damn, I wish I were there to savor it. Dreams, dreams…

Title: Party girls shitting all over the place

Submited by: fecal man

Category: sex

Added on: February 14th, 2012

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