Sexy girls have tasty poop for lunch

New scat porn shows hot Latina girls licking and eating each others` tight assholes. Then one of these lesbian hotties squats down over a soup plate and excretes some delicious blobs of warm brown poop. The girls make the shit more watery and eat this porridge-like stuff with spoons. They really swallow the shit and show you there`s nothing in their mouths. You won`t believe your eyes watching this wild shit lunch! Your craziest scat fantasies are just nothing comparing to what you can see here. The girls aren`t satisfied and want more! Admire them vomiting on each other and eating thick milky puke as if it was the most delicious food they ever had in their mouths.

Title: Sexy girls have tasty poop for lunch

Submited by: fecal man

Category: lesbian

Added on: June 19th, 2012

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