Babe pisses over herself and gets fucked hard

Seductive young lady was just resting on the bed without any filthy thoughts, when she’s dreamed about the ocean and found herself in a puddle of her piss. Horny guy, passing by has noticed the helpless and filthy girl and his cock has hardened in seconds. But just piss isn’t enough for this kinky fetishist, that’s why he spreads his legs above the resting babe and makes a large pile of shit on her back! Smearing it all over babe’s back and ass makes the guy really happy, so he puts the babe on the knees and enters the dirty pussy.  Fucking her really hard and squeezing her shitted buns helps him cum really fast!

Title: Babe pisses over herself and gets fucked hard

Submited by: fecal man

Category: girl

Added on: May 2nd, 2012

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