Girl pooping

Oh no, don’t let this young redhead fool you, staring right into your soul with those wonderfully beautiful and innocent hazel eyes. She might look like a totally adorable porcelain doll, like your neighbor’s daughter that you would never suspect of something dirty but… She is dirty after all – as dirty as a woman can only be. Not only she does hardcore porn but also goes for scat action gladly – so gladly there is no stopping her when she gets down to playing around with her fresh steaming caca.
Her poop won’t be the easiest thing to see in the beginning on this scene though – the point is that the girl is wearing pantyhose and pooping right into it quietly while working on her lover’s shaft with her hands and mouth. Imagine how surprised the guy will be when she suddenly starts rubbing her ass with her hand – and then puts her dirty palm on his cock, staining it with the warmest, the messiest and the brownest lube you can think of! She will get him so dirty – but he will enjoy it!

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