Shitting sex in the toilet

Poor guy has never thought of swallowing fresh poop as he was aiming to fuck her without any scat activities. In the contrary he ended up being forced to taste his sex partner`s chocolate. With the aim of exiting and making her go horny, the guy started intimately invading her pussy with his wet tongue. This indeed gave her a great satisfaction that her scat fantasies have suddenly awakened. As expected, she forced her slave to open his mouth wide and pooped deep inside as if shitting in the toilet. The guy was kind of hypnotized by scat blonde`s ferocious fantasies.  As it was not enough, blonde babe makes her slave lick her feet. This is the way how she treats her sex partners.

Title: Shitting sex in the toilet

Submited by: fecal man

Category: blonde

Added on: December 27th, 2011

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